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Welcome Yet Again

The time is now. 2020 was the alarm clock ringing. Did you get the memo? As we went through the collective “Dark Night of the Soul”, we also had time to catch our breath, to take count, and to sort through everything it is that has been packed. All those things on my to do list – guess what, they are now done. It was a back to basics in many ways, and as is true transformation and growth it’s also an evolutionary step that brings us closer to the unfolding of who we truly are. We are now evermore ourselves then we have ever been, we are now even more clearer on where our priorities are, and for many we are closer to fulfilling our best Self’s – that is going out there int he world and living our best lives, on our own terms. It is indeed a phenomenal  time to be alive. 

It has been my personal experience that with all growth comes a flood of emotions and that as good as a change may be in the end result, at the beginning it is very, very hard.  Letting go of what is familiar, to be in the unknown and to have to find your way through, to then actually being settled into the new space of said change, brings about all the colours of the rainbow. In that, we can paint upon the canvases of our lives the people, the places and the things that made it all worth it. Because in the end, it is worth it. All of it. The bittersweet tears of laughter, the smile that just can’t be kept under wraps. It’s like when it rains softly and as the water streams down your cheek the sun that is shining on your face kisses the mist dry – yes, it’s exactly like that. We all have been reminded we are of the flesh and we are here to get on with the business of living. And living we shall. We will dance until the last firefly has gone home for the night, we will sing until the voices of the howler’s carry us through a foggy night and we shall soar knowing our wings will carry us safely even despite the highest of winds. This is what we do. We live. We keep going. We get up everyday and we keep at it, even if only little by little, it is in the every day where we make the most of it. We know well the story of the tortoise and the hare. It is time to go back to our most essential building block, our Self. So, did you enjoy meeting your Self?

Enjoy the read,


My silver linings:

  • reordered priorities
  • stream lining, decluttering 
  • new morning routine in my garden
  • habit staking 
  • daily gratitude
  • body movement
  • permission to recharge
  • self reliance, back to the garden!

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