Iguana - Photo by Denise Johnson Shreve

Silver Linings

No matter who you are or where you come from, there’s no denying that 2020 was an out of control wildfire of a year. Between restrictions resulting from COVID, murder hornets on the rise, and worldwide riots breaking out, you may want to hibernate like a bear and come out when all of “this” is over. Even America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks, wasn’t able to emerge unscathed.

But fear not, amigos. Even the most failed in your face, nailed it, wait – got nailed? Face palm fiasco can’t be all bad, right? In fact, there is almost always a couple of silver linings to every story even the 2020 emotional, typhoon of a roller coaster we’ve had to ride out, all seemingly, together.

Sierpe River – Photo by Denise Johnson Shreve

Indeed, Life Does Find a Way

While we’re hunkered down in our homes searching for a new binge worthy Netflix show, Mother Nature has been doing the happy dance. All over the world there have been reports of animals returning to their natural habitats thanks to the pandemic-spurred absence of yours truly, the Homo Sapiens. For instance, in Costa Rica there has been a resurgence of jaguar, coyote and porcupine sightings in the Central Valley.

Hummingbird – Photo by Denise Johnson Shreve

Cubicle Town is Dead

Pre-2020, the work from home stigma was undeniable; anyone claiming they were able to sustain themselves financially without leaving their house and putting on pants was regarded as a not so serious artist or potentially a suspicious online marketer. Now, thanks to COVID, most workers and companies have been able to embrace a new way of getting business done without the face-to-face water cooler banter. 

Ojochal Mountains – Photo by Denise Johnson Shreve

Cubicle Town is Dead

A beautiful truth about the past year has been whether you like it or not, we’re all spending more time around the house. Since kids are home schooled and many parents are working from home, families have never been closer (or quite possibly more irritated by each other so, so much). One thing that’s for sure is that the underpaid, overworked teachers and schools have never been more appreciated than now, especially since mom and dad have had to relearn common core math. 

Howler Monday – Photo by Denise Johnson Shreve

Happy, Happy Pets

For those with fur babies instead of human ones, the “Rona” is putting doggie Xanax out of business because many pet owners are either not working or working remotely, ensuring that your dog will never vindictively eat the corner cushion of your $2,000 couch again because you worked too late. Another bonus is that you can finally confirm your cat really does sleep that much and she still doesn’t care that you’re there as long as the food bowl is filled.

Written by Lindsey Vast

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