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I feel confident that most of us move to Costa Rica to live a more passionate, relaxing or aspirational life. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. As a designer I research, craft and create a concept that unites beauty, experience and sustainability with value and personal expression.

Design directly impacts our quality of life – as a sanctuary, catalyst or inspiration. That said, I still see homes here that aren’t very different from what we’ve built for other climates, other places. Of course, we’re inclusive of the practicalities of security, geography or resale, but why be constrained to the same old rooms and layout?

For example, I’m designing homes which focus specifically on Southern Zone lifestyles. Some concepts are turned more “inward” in case your view is less than exciting. The focus is on the house as an experience – to surprise and delight you and your guests, every day. Houses that breathe, that open up and that are in harmony with Nature.

Casa Botanica blurs indoors with outdoors, “exploding” the house into secluded pavilions, integrated with decorative and generative gardens, open-air kitchen, pools, bridges, secret places for meditation, sustainable and ecological. It’s biophilic design on steroids, with security, rain and critters all taken into consideration!

Wellness House merges entertaining, yoga, meditation and exercise. It’s about Chi, Flow, and Zen with a big side order of fun! Enter the house through the “calming zone” to center and bring focus. Spectacular (and sustainable) wood screens and green walls slide strategically to reveal the living areas, yoga and exercise studio which cantilevers over the pool and waterfall, each as private or public as you wish.

Smart, thoughtful, and clever design that’s as practical as it is innovative, can always be scaled to every budget, every lifestyle. Go ahead, live YOUR dream!

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