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We are happy to announce that Costa Pacifica LIVING has been in business since January 2014 thanks to the support of our community. We know the quality of our publication is a direct reflection of the businesses and people we represent. Costa Pacifica LIVING print magazine has grown from a small local magazine to a nationally distributed and reputable print leader in luxury markets.

We Don’t Just Do Advertising, We Provide Meaningful Context & Connection
We are continually dialling in our content to reaffirm that we are a trusted leader, referral, and news source for happenings on the Pacific Coast. With added call to actions, new maps, Team Picks and more, we are creating tangible and direct actionable connections for potential newcomers and visitors that entice people to visit, find out more, and join our wonderful community.

We provide both online and print advertising options. Advertising in both print and digital newspapers gives advertisers a high penetration rate with a desirable audience. Costa Pacifica LIVING is the only magazine in the Southern Zone where you can get the power of print and the ease of an online platform.

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In an age of distraction, attention is considered a luxury. Magazines cut out the distractions and reaches a captive, targeted audience. Here are a few more advantages of advertising when it is done right:

CONTEXT – Readers are more relaxed reading a magazine and therefore more receptive to advertising, especially if the advertising relates to the stellar content they’re reading they view ads as helpful resources.

FEELING OF LUXURY – Because of the amount of time between issues, readers look at magazines as an indulgence; they don’t read them all at once. Rather, they take their time, and that means your ads are viewed not just once, but a number of times over the lifetime of the issue.

SUPPLIES CREDIBILITY – Holding a magazine means the content is real and suggests credibility that extends to the brands that advertise. Readers are more likely to have a positive attitude towards the advertisers found within a publication, and tend to consider advertisers as leaders in their respective industries as a result.

IDEAL BRAND PLATFORM – What magazines do very well is provide a quality environment for brand awareness. Glossy paper, high-quality print and the impact of full colour on a full page or double-page spread means customers are seeing a brand represented at its professional best. Studies and our results have shown affluent buyers read niche magazines and take action.

ACCESSIBILITY – Readers don’t discard quality magazines in a hurry, meaning your ad hangs around much longer. More so if the reader then passes the magazine to family, friends, and colleagues. They are portable and can be carried around to read anywhere and anytime someone has a free moment.

LONGEVITY – If you continue to advertise in the same magazine, over time you’ll find many of those customers will become loyal and will seek out your business because of your exposure in ‘their’ magazine. What’s more, they will then recommend you to other like-minded people.

Are you interested in a making a splash? You may want to consider the exclusive Cover Feature. We will help you create a tailored strategy to reach the most affluent clients in your market. We apply a contextualized approach, we create a targeted distribution, alongside step by step help in the creation and elaboration of your marketing campaign to ensure you get National coverage.

About Us

From a mere 2,000 copies for our first publication back in January 2014, to times when we print 10,000 copies during high season, we are proud to serve our coast time and time again.

The publication’s aim is to entice and inspire readers to learn more about living in the tropics. Is the dream possible? Of course it is! We showcase lifestyles and homes that highlight what people are doing and how they are doing it, answering some of those tricky questions and providing further resources that can help you find your own answers. We want to inspire all readers to create their own dream vacation, home and their dream life ~ PURA VIDA awaits!

We are growing each year and plan to continue this growth for many years to follow. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is a great place to live, an awesome community to take part of and an investment opportunity unlike no other, and we intend to show you why!

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