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We are Resilient in Costa Rica

What is resilience if not the ability to waiver and rise strong once again. For me this past year has been the rise and fall of trying to stabilize my fears, my desires, my dreams. I’ve come up against personal adversity, professional challenge and worldwide confusion. 

Rainbow dome in Costa Ballena - Photo by Kelly Patton Sylvester
Rainbow dome in Costa Ballena – Photo by Kelly Patton Sylvester

They say resilience is made up of five pillars: self awareness, mindfulness, self care, positive relationships & purpose. By strengthening these pillars, we in turn, become more resilient. Add these qualities with the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; and you get one tough individual. And that’s where we are with humanity. Time is seemingly speeding up and standing still. Everyone is getting their britches during these tumultuous times. We are being asked to dig deep, to no longer live on the superficial. What is important to us? Surely now – we can see clearly now the rain is gone. What I will say, is before most recently I had never noticed rainbows like these – naturally occurring pink and sometimes purple domes of light covering vast pieces of land along our coast, as if protecting our little towns. It makes me smile, it brings gratitude to my heart, tears of joy to my eyes – yup, a rainbow has me all choked up ya’ll. So go ahead and grab a seat to the best show on Earth! Looks like we have front row tickets.

Blessed to be in Costa Ballena!

Best readings,

Nikki Whelan, Editor in Chief

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