Ebb & Flow: Working From Home

During this time we’ve come to really understand the importance of home. And we see the home as both sanctuary and, for some, a work environment. On the surface these two things seem dichotomous, yet really they’re synergistic. The notion of sanctuary is of safety, protection, and positive energy, which really is a platform for clear thinking, productivity and creativity.

That said, it takes some understanding and a bit of planning, to sort out both personal and professional needs, and make it work. Add kids, pets, housework and spouses to the mix, and things get complicated. Working from home, if you’re not set up for it, suddenly seems daunting. I left the frantic pace of big agency life to work freelance and build my own design business, a few years ago, so I have learned to see “work” and “life” as interchangeable.

There is a wonderful rhythm to home life that can feed into work and creativity, if you go with that flow, not against it. We can be open to the change of energy, the ebb and flow of daily living. Rather than expect hours and hours of work focus, I am open and flexible to domestic chores, talks with friends, research, cooking, and these mental shifts boost my creativity when I come back to my desk. Plus the laundry is done!

Before I work again I use breathing, yoga, music or quick exercise to build positive energy and shift to work mode. Work for a few hours, play with the kids, laugh, stretch, walk the dog – then work again. See these things as mutually supportive, part of the whole of life, not compartmentalized. Making a home, being with your family, talking to your friends is healthy, positive and is the cornerstone of productivity.

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