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Invest in Your Dream Lifestyle

An investment in Costa Rica is what you will hear from many at the beginning of your research, and even during a tour of prospective properties. Sure, the real estate purchase is the first step for many, and we’ve seen that over a period of time real estate is considered a solid investment. But what is your life going to be like after your purchase? Why aren’t we talking and writing about investing in a lifestyle? Investing in happiness!

For some, a simple 2 bedroom home near the beach or on a hillside is the dream home, or a 4 bedroom estate with acreage for others. But once the purchase is complete, you’ll want to find your tribe.

Once my clients tell me their wish list – number of bedrooms, an ocean view versus a valley or beach view, in town, or up on a mountainside – I’m surprised at how many I then have to ask about hobbies, the physical activities they enjoy, and how social they plan to be once settled in.

It’s human nature to be attracted to others with similar interests. Back home in Canada I never thought I would be moving to Costa Rica at 47 years of age, and after picking up a surf board for the first time I would soon become friends with such a broad age demographic. From 25 to 75! Although I felt like I’d discovered something secret, I quickly realized it was more like, “the last one to know.”

Is cooking your passion? Several local and expat chefs immediately come to mind in the Costa Ballena area. Rancho Cielo Alto in Playa Hermosa is one excellent example. Chef Jasmin’s food is a stunning surprise to the palate, made with local ingredients, many of which are grown on the family farm. The experience includes an introduction to each course that creates an anticipation that is quickly rewarded with the first bite. Chef Jasmin is just one of the area chefs that also provides cooking classes. It may seem intimidating at first. Where do I meet people? Is there a hiking club? Does anyone else like to paint rocks or make jewelry? How will my kids make friends? Well, with a little effort on your part it’s actually pretty simple. For starters, just talk to people – total strangers! In the grocery line, at the hardware store, a simple smile and “hello.” Volunteer with a local charity to walk rescue dogs, or at a local wildlife sanctuary, and don’t forget Facebook! Most communities have facebook pages for information – a forum to ask questions. There’s a Bulletin Board page, a Yard Sale page, an LGBTQ Social Networking group page, and many more. All right here in the jungle! So rest assured, even before you sign the closing documents you can easily search out several events and activities that will have you being social before your bags are even unpacked!

Written by Ben Rutherford

Ben Rutherford is a Senior Sales Associate with Blue Zone Realty International. He and his husband moved to the Costa Ballena area in 2013 and quickly started to enjoy a social lifestyle volunteering, playing beach volleyball, enjoying a good pot-luck, and hosting new friends at their home!

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