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Mindful Design: It’s in the Details

I feel there’s a case to be made for designing a home around the simple act of making coffee (or breakfast) in the morning. For many of us, that’s a ritual. It starts our day, wakes us up, gives us mental and physical energy. Consider what that requires: utility, convenience, resources, space, materials. If we do it daily, why not make it special?

When discussing design with a client, I start with the personal stuff. I’m not nosey, I want to understand their routine. How do they live in the little activities, the simple pleasures? It’s my mindful design philosophy of comfort, texture, quality and craft, in harmony with the things we touch every day and we need to love.

Can you love a drawer pull? A counter top? The faucet and your sink? Each of these small things can feel cheap or luxurious, can be store-bought or hand-made. Are you a chef or a re-heater? Is it dinner for two or twenty? How about a kitchen garden, inside or outside? Vegetables, fruits, herbs, growing alongside natural jungle plants. A little table and chairs, the morning sun on your face, that’s a ritual! Later pick some Cranberry Hibiscus for your salad – thanks Erica (my niece).

A lot of money need not be spent if you’re innovative and creative. In Costa Rica, we have many talented, local craftspeople and artisans who know materials and understand this unique climate. Choose joy, not price.

When we make these things count, we imbue them with meaning, with memory, we honour our rituals and the materials and spaces that support them. Then every day, whether you stumble into the kitchen, or dance in, we can be mindful, connected, and yes, grateful for what makes up our living space, our home.

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