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Building Advice

#1 – Choose the place wisely

Typical advice you will receive when undertaking a building project starts with choosing your site carefully. As well, take a look at what’s available around and don’t overbuild for the neighborhood, or your budget for that matter. Make sure to figure out what the cost of living will be in your proposed build location.

#2 – Think in details

As to the build itself, work out as many details before turning the first shovel of soil. Know that adding something in later will always cost much more and having the most detailed plan will help everything go so much smoother, as well as faster. But don’t get too rigid either, as change will happen, so be sure to visit the construction often.

#3 – Avoid wasted expenses

Splurge only on those things you truly cannot live without and where it counts. The public spaces such as the kitchen, dining and living room can have a higher degree of finish while keeping the bedrooms subdued. Ceiling height is as important as the square footage of a room. Don’t skimp on structural components or doors and windows — for the safety and security of your home, you’ll want to purchase the best you can afford in these areas. Remember good design has a clarity to its parts, which should make it easy (and affordable) to build and understand, and it’s a wasted expense if you can’t see it or experience it.

#4 – Mind the humidity

Consider ample outdoor space. Especially as someone coming to the Pacific Coast from a traditional indoor home one does not realize how much time will be spent outdoors. Also, due to the humidity factor, it’s wise to invest in a dry storage room. A way to save on hot water is to opt for a tankless water heater, that works only on demand.

#5 – Make long-term decisions

Choose your materials wisely by buying low-maintenance building materials. Even if they are somewhat more expensive at installation, they will pay for themselves in the long run as you won’t have to repair or replace. And all materials don’t have to be real, new products that are made with recyclable material and highly durable are available in the marketplace, you just need to ask around.

#6 – Specialty counts

Its all in the details. It’s important to look for a crew with specialty, not just the number of years of experience. Look into getting projects done off site, it can save time. Kitchen cabinet makers can build shelving in their workshop if you just ask. And lastly, get to know and trust the local experts, they are your best source of information.


You’re supposed to order 10% extra tile to cover breakage, but may we suggest 15% for breaks down the road.

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