Costa Rica Vibes – Land of Pura Vida

Welcome to the land of Pura Vida. Where the weather is warm year-round,
the monkeys howl at dawn and palms line much of the 1,016 km of pristine
Pacific coastline. To make the most of your experience in Costa Rica we
have a few tips for you to get the Costa Rica Vibes!


Although it is a relatively small country on the map, there are mountains, a
ton of them, and in the capital, traffic – a lot of it. While it may take a little
effort to get out of the city, and down the coast, once away from heavy
traffic you will find it easier to get around and will be able to accomplish a
few activities on any given day in a small town. A pro tip is to plan wisely
and cluster activities in a similar area altogether.


Get up early, stretch, and appreciate your vacation time by starting your
day off with appreciation. Take time to savour your freshly ground coffee
and the sound of exotic birds chirping in the morning. It is those moments
that provide a person with a sense of deep rested-ness. The sun rises and
sets like clockwork year-round. By 6 am the country is bustling and typically
by 6 pm the sun has set, arrive accordingly at destinations.


Costa Rica has wildlife everywhere! You may be driving down the coast
from Dominical and see a toucan gliding from a tree above or just sitting at
the beach when someone spots a sloth at Parque Nacional Marino Ballena.
A great way to spot wildlife is to look for movement in the trees and falling
leaves. Sometimes animals are stealthy quiet or have great camouflage, but
normally they give themselves away with the crunchy of leaves and they
have their usual hangout spots, so can if you are wanting to see a specific
animal ask around. Please don’t approach or feed the wildlife – let’s keep
them just that, wild!


Plan the must-see’s first and take up a local on their recommendation for
the following day. Try to include at least one event that is frequented more
by locals than other tourists. Maybe it’s a farmers market, or a musical
performance, you will feel immersed in culture in no time. Locals know best
and Costa Rica remains a country heavily reliant on word of mouth. The
best-kept secrets are just that, the gems of our coast for you to explore and

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