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Community Evolution Amidst Virus Lockdown

“Be patient where you sit in the dark. The dawn is coming.”

– Rumi

As the world was impacted by the spread of COVID-19, Costa Rica responded efficiently. There was no panic, no hoarding. People remained calm and followed the government restrictions, even amid job losses and school closures.

In a country where many family run operations rely on International tourism for its bread and butter, there have no doubt been financial and personal struggles. The campaign, “Don’t cancel, just postpone” went viral, reminding visitors that Costa Rica is a place you will want to go once freed from travel restrictions.

The Costa Ballena area has experienced an atmosphere of coming together even when social distancing kept us physically apart. We evolved as a community. Organizers came together to create new online platforms for people to order their favorite local products. Local stores and restaurants offered take away and home delivery, re-creating their menus for families and adjusting pricing. Virtual home tours became the ultimate way to market a home for sale due to border closures. People with rental homes made them available to those who could not travel back to their home countries. Non-Profits in the community collaborated with local businesses to provide donations of food and goods to families in need.

The Osa has experienced minimal confirmed cases of the virus and businesses continue to have sanitary measures in place. As we see a gradual opening up, these next few months will be an opportune time for national tourism and staycations, with discounted rates and less crowds.

We have seen some cities brought to their knees, while also bringing families back into their homes and giving nature room to breathe. It caused people to pause, it opened our eyes, and allowed us to reflect on the things we truly hold dear. The ability to live in Costa Rica, is no doubt one of those things we are all grateful for.

Written by Zoe Wright

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