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Small Communities Lead to Great Change

The truth is living in a remote area has specific challenges that are subtle in nature. It’s a well known thought that the first few years after moving to a new community, after the excitement and busy-ness of it all is over, and the distractions of the big city lights have faded, a person is left to their own devices. So it becomes up to you to make the adaptation a success because with time, that clear image facing you everyday in the mirror only becomes crystal, any cracks no matter how small, become visible.

In this new lifestyle, we are at liberty to choose how we spend the majority of our time. Long
work commutes are gone. In most cases, we have achieved financial freedom – so now what? What will you choose to do with this one, beautifully wild and crazy life that you have in front of you?

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”

Bob Kerrey

Since written stories have been passed down and Socrates first explored the question “what is the good life”, it has been noted that a fundamental part of our human experience is to connect with others, to help them. What’s great about a small community is you can start by helping those closest to you and affect real change, helping real people and real families. Small organizations have been known to have big impacts on the lives of those they help. And what is great about a small community is that you can choose to pursue what is close to your heart. As you slow down life’s pace you begin to notice the little things that bother your soul. It’s seeing that dog tied everyday you walk by or seeing dilapidated houses that push you to create affordable apartments, such as my mission.

Incredible healing can be met for those who listen to these nudges and take action to improve the situation. They say a teacher learns by teaching, and so if we help, we are helped in return. And the truth is, human nature is to want to help, it soothes the soul of injustice. And not all projects need be non-profit to help, if they are to be sustainable and ever lasting, new models exist where financial independence is part of the project plan from the get go – it’s time to get creative! The Universe loves a good story that has come full circle with beautiful details. What will your legacy be?

Here are a few of our favorite Costa Rica non-profits:

Community Carbon Trees Costa Rica
A non-profit association that works to reforest old cattle farms owned by Costa Ricans and provide jobs to those who reforest.

Costa Ballena Lifeguards
A non-profit association in Playa Hermosa designed to ensure the well-being of people who come to enjoy the beach.

Chicas Con Repuestos | Costa Pacifica LIVING

Chicas Con Proposito
Their mission is to use surfing to get young girls involved and interested in the unofficial national sport.

Ojochal Family Center logo | Costa Pacifica LIVING

Family Support Center of Ojochal
Provides home and community-based support, such as food and clothing to parents, caregivers and children in Ojochal and Coronado.

DAWG Uvita Costa Rica logo | Costa Pacifica LIVING

Domestic Animal Welfare Group, is a non-profit organization focused on animal advocacy in the Costa Ballena region of Costa Rica.

El Refugio Dog Rescue Uvita Costa Rica | Costa Pacifica LIVING

El Refugio
Animal rescue organization dedicated to the rescue of abandoned dogs and cats, spay
and neuter, and animal welfare education in the area.

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